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While Visions of Sugar Plums Danced in her head

One of my favorite holiday traditions

has always been going to The Nutcracker ballet. When I was in grade school my whole family would attend. My dad would fall asleep, my sister would ask why no one was talking, my mom would be hushing her and I would sit enamored by the beautiful dancing. As I got older, just my mom and I would go and last year my mom, sister and I took my two nieces to see the ballet for the first time. It was so awesome seeing their reactions. They are 5 & 7 and neither one shows an interest in dancing but I still hold out hope that someday I'll be a "Dance Aunt" . Here are some pic of us

I grew up dancing. I fell in love with ballet at the age of 4 and it became my world. I danced almost every day for several hours a day. As I'm sure you can imagine that takes a toll on your body especially your feet. It was a common occurrence to have blisters and calluses on my feet. When I started getting pedicures in high school the pedicurist would whip out the graters and files to go at my feet and I would yell "NO!!" They would give me a look of shock and be like but your feet they are bad. We can make them better." I'd be like stay away from my feet with those torture tools.

My calluses were signs of hours of hard work and dedication but they were also keeping my feet safe from more blisters. My sister would tell me "ew you have the grossest feet! " But those calluses... they were my trophies.

Flash forward 30 years, I no longer dance and I have a knew perspective on calluses. I see my calluses as annoying, embarrassing, and unsightly. However, because I now teach ballet I still need some level of protection. When I began working at Teregen and was introduced to the The Personal Pumi Bar I realized I had found the perfect solution.

The Pumi Bar gently removes the hard thick skin. I can control how much callus I want on my feet. I'm able to make my feet look pretty but still keep the protection I need to continue teaching ballet. When I go for pedicures I still yell "NO!" when they pull on the graters and files but now it's not only because I know they will annihilate my feet but also because I know how unsafe those tools are and they will make my calluses come back thicker and harder and uglier.

I was sharing The Personal Pumi Bar with my ballet classes yesterday . Visit us on Instagram to see their adorable Boomerang (it's a fun little video).

If you saw the Nutcracker this season or have a great family tradition you'd love to share leave us a comment or visit us on Facebook or Instagram. We'd love to hear about it!

~Keeping feet #pumisoft

Veronica - Product Manager


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