The Personal Pumi Bar | Removes Corns, Calluses and Dry Skin

Made in the USA

The Personal Pumi Bar by Teregen Labs

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The Personal Pumi Bar gently removes corns, calluses & dry skin from hands and feet quickly.   


Affordable way to keep your feet looking & feeling fresh and healthy. 


Safer, more effective alternative to pumice stones, foot files and razors.  Its unique formula allows the bar to hold soap for smoother, easier application.  

The Personal Pumi Bar, stands out amongst generic alternatives because it is safe, effective and easy to use.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Made in the United States

It works!  It’s natural.  No more rough heels or cleaning out dead skin from traditional type of file. 

Easy to use!  Must have for sandal  & flip flop season

Jennifer -

Massage Therapist 



It was able to tackle calluses from training, manual labor, and my weekend adventures kayaking and climbing.

Heath -

Outdoor Enthusiast


I work at a hair & nail salon, so I have to say pedicure after pedicure nothing helped until I tried the Personal Pumi bar. I can’t believe the difference.   Thank you so much for this wonderful product!   Nothing can compare to The Personal Pumi bar!

Joanne -

Shear Reflections Salon