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This is 2020....the year for the "ME"

Starting off a new year, a new decade, a new month do you make goals or resolutions?

One of my goals this year is to make "ME" a priority. As a busy working woman I have so many different things I'm trying to juggle that I find my #selfcare comes last.

As women we often are putting others needs way before our own. What happened to taking care of ourselves first? Is it being selfish to stop and say "What do I need today?" How often are we in such a hurry to get from point A to point B that we rush through our daily "beauty" routine.

Here's a great example and a super embarrassing one..... I was getting all dressed up in a gorgeous dark green dress with some killer strappy heels to go out and ring in the new year As I started to put on a brand new pair of shear black stockings, the material snagged on my big toe.....CALLUS!! #soembarrassing #callus #callusremover #footfail #newyearsfail

Not only did I ruin my only pair of tights but I was so embarrassed and mortified! (I mean I work for the number #1 at home callus removal product!! #thepersonalpumibar)

I had to ring in the New Year sans stockings! All night I was paranoid people were looking at my feet at my big dry UGLY callus ( I swear it got bigger and uglier as the night went on)

grey and white small dog with pizza toy
I think he gets featured in every blog post

**SideNote - My furbaby gets his hair and nails done way more than I do. Something is majorly wrong with that!**

So here's my challenge....Do one thing for yourself everyday. One thing, big or small, that makes you feel special, beautiful, loved, sexy, pampered, & taken care of.

Then tell me about it. Seriously email me, comment, send a DM. I want to hear about it and celebrate your goals with you.

My personal challenge is to treat my feet every day with my Personal Pumi Bar. Just like brushing my teeth I vow to give my feet the #TLC they deserve.

Let's put our best foot forward as we walk into this new chapter

~Keeping feet #pumisoft

Veronica - Product Manager



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