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Icky Scratch Miserable Dry Winter Skin

Winter skin. It's dry, scaly, cracked and painful. It affects not only our hands and face but our feet as well. Cracked heels and dry skin on your feet is one of the most common wintertime foot issues. If left un-treated these cracks can become deep and extremely painful, most commonly called fissures.

During the winter the air is usually very dry from both our indoor furnaces and the outside cold. The best thing we can do is drink lots of water and keep our bodies hydrated and moisturize! We can't stress enough the importance of a good skin creme! Our Soft Step Foot Creme is phenomenal at treating cracked, dry skin on your feet but it also works wonders on extremely dry hands. Soft Step Foot Creme is made from 20% urea. Urea is important to skin maintenance and health because it binds water and pulls it into the skin helping to keep our skin hydrated and healthy. We always recommend using the Soft Step Foot Creme after your shower or bath and after using The Personal Pumi Bar.

The other issue that can happen to our feet in the winter time are calluses. If you are like most people you associate callused, hard feet with summer and sandals but in truth winter causes more calluses than summertime. In the winter our feet are covered in hot often polyester socks and then kept in warm confined non-breathable boots. This moisture accumulates and causes more friction on your feet resulting in calluses.

Calluses are areas of thickened skin that forms as a response to repeated friction, pressure, or other irritation.

When calluses get too hard and thick they can crack and form fissures. In the winter time we recommend using The Personal Pumi Bar at least 5 times a week. Make it part of your daily beauty routine. We promise if you do this regularly, by the time sandal season rolls around your feet will be sandal ready!

Lets us know your thoughts on winter feet! Until next time...

~Keeping feet #pumisoft

Veronica - Product Manager

Personal Pumi Bars and Soft Step Foot Creme
The Personal Pumi Bar and Soft Step Foot Creme


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